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I've led some of the internet's flagship communities: Wikipedia, Reddit, Atlassian, and Wikia/Fandom. I've been called the "manufacturer of clue" - I thrive on collaboration, and I'm just nosy enough to want to learn everything about... well, everything. I will not work in your silo, and I will not stay inside my "box" - but I will help you understand and listen to communities in ways you didn't know were possible.... the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Director, Community Advocacy

The world's 4th most popular web property

Director, Community

The 5th most popular US website

Head of Online Community

Unicorn Software Developer, maker of Jira and Confluence

Head of Community

Makers of the Community Growth Engine and the first to sell games on the blockchain

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Wikimedia Foundation

Strategic Plan

Wikimedia Community Visualizations


Open Strategy-Making at the WMF
2018 Journal of Applied Behavioral Science

Our study of the development of Wikimedia’s 5-year strategy plan through an open strategy process reveals the endemic nature of tensions occasioned by the intersection of dialogue as an emergent, non-hierarchical practice, and strategy, as a practice that requires direction, focus and alignment.


Project Management | Community Protection
Rachel diCerbo
    Philippe understands communities in a way that many people do not, and wants to help others do the same. When I arrived at the Foundation, Philippe was instrumental in my on-boarding, helping me to grasp the uniqueness of the world's Wikimedians and the challenges being faced by my inherited team. He brings world-class expertise, strategic thinking, and levity to the most challenging of situations.

    Wikimedia Foundation

    Head of the Wikipedia Library
    Jake Orlowitz
      Philippe once told me I was a keeper of 'Clue'; well if that's the case, he's the Clue manufacturer. Philippe is someone people seek out for honest guidance and he manages to be sharp but approachable in even the thorniest of situations. A good guy to have in your foxhole, or on your advisory board. I'll just say that the Wikimedia Foundation is fortunate to have him.

      Wikimedia Foundation
Interim General Counsel
Michelle Paulson
    Philippe manages the relationship between the Foundation and one of the largest online communities in the world. In doing so, he is at once an ambassador from the Foundation into the community and a representative of the community's values, priorities, and passions to the Foundation. How can he know the thoughts, motivations, and feelings of such an immense community? Because he is them and they are him. He knows every nook and crevice of the Wikimedia Projects, knows active users, and knows the history of issues that arise.

    He faces challenges, emergencies, and controversies with a cool head and thought-out strategy. His diplomatic nature and light sense of humor build and maintain strong relationships that the Foundation could not live without.

    I've worked with him through major policy roll-outs, legal threats and litigation, community outreach, and most major crises that have arisen over the past several years and I could not have had a better partner.

    Wikimedia Foundation